Nanogenetic Networks {NgN}

Nanogenetic Networks University

The university was founded in 2010 as a way for the co-founders to receive a doctorate. After a few months they realised the university would be a fantastic way to squander talent for use in their own corporation.

The degrees on offer were so radical, that few graduates could find employment elsewhere, paving the way for the perfect industry incubator.

Accelerated Degree Options | Recognition for Prior Learning | Industry Placement | Guaranteed Employment | Rigorous Testing | Fringe Benefits


NgNU offers a wide range of courses, with study focusing on nanotechnology and genetics.

If you have read all the information we have provided, and you still have questions then you will be ineligible for enrolment at NgNU.

We offer you the choice of a compulsory 5 year internship at less than minimum wage to help you get started in your new career in nanogenetics.

NgNU was by far the most unique learning experience I've encountered. The accelerated degree process was simple, requiring only a one-time substantial donation to the university.

I'm half-way through my compulsory internship, and will certainly be looking forward to getting paid at the end. I'm told my first job will be in New Guinea.

Gill Uble, Honours Graduate 2011 - Scheduled 2016 Guinea Pig