Nanogenetic Networks {NgN}

Product Development 2024

Exoplant™ Artificial Limb System

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Exoplant™ Artificial Limbs

Our top engineers can fuse DNA from severed limb cells with patent pending nanogenetics technology to create custom artificial exoplants.

The process has completely eliminated the need for immunosuppressant (anti-rejection) drugs.

I worked at NgN for only 3 months before they removed my arm for the premature human trials. The operation went swimmingly, now I can pick up objects twice my slender weight!

Unfortunately, the electronics in my right arm prevent me from ever coming in contact with water again.

Lisa Clementine, Bioparts Division

NgN had a total R&D spend of of $9.1 billion for the year - a 22 percent year-on-year growth in R&D over three years and a three-year compounded growth rate of 12.2 percent generating 16.1 percent in sales growth. NgN Holdings

Product Development 2023

DiStell™ Digital Stem Cells

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DiStell™ Digital Stem Cells

In 2023, NgN began advancing advanced research performed over the last decade to bring you the latest advancement in advancements contributing to cancer, heart disease and AIDS.

Progress far exceeding predictions in our digital stem cell technology line last year now enable medical facilities access to cheap, abundant stem cells for accelerated research.

When my CEO coerced me into a diet destined for heart failure, I almost quit. I agreed to continue with the proviso that all my meals were paid for by the company for the next 6 months.

After my second heart attack, we're now 78% sure I will never develop heart disease!

Randall Mann, Chief DiStell™ Scientist

Utilising the worlds finest researchers , we create opportunities for your future. Your future belongs here. Invest some time with us, today, to enhance your tomorrow. Nanogenetic Networks, looking after your future by taking advantage of your genetic past.

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Just like our nanoscale world, our external world is an intricate network spanning cities and countries.

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NgN University

Established in 2010, NgNU was built to facilitate the emergence of new ideas.

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A high impact research facility with vast global synergies.

This is the heart of NgN, the technologies you use today and tomorrow.

NgN Holdings

What good is technology if you can't sell it?

Holdings does only that, and they do it better than any company on the planet.

Some of the greatest discoveries of our time were by accident. We foster the perfect environment for accidents.

CEO, Nanogenetic Networks